Caption Contest!

Brawl In McCall Caption Contest
"everyone I want you to see my new midcalfs"


We can’t stop talking about the Brawl In McCall until we’ve had a sufficient Caption Contest, and we think this photo will do! So much going on yet, so little is explainable. The lack of a lacrosse ball has us bewildered.

Brawl In McCall Caption Contest
What's going on here?

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Team LAS Lax All Summer Tank

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Team LAS vs. Issaquah

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Team LAS vs. Scallywags


Congrats to Joe Casagrande, winner of this Caption Contest! Joe, please email your mailing address to using subject line “Caption Contest Winner.” Nice work man!

Brawl In McCall Caption Contest
"everyone, I want you to see my new mid-calves"

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  1. Player #1: “Dude i told you this would happen again”
    Player #2: “how was I suppose to know i would get pushed from behind”
    Player #1: “man this is so embarrassing”
    Player #2: “Have you seen my masculinity, I think I left it around here somewhere”

  2. The McCall Guillotine

    Pole Vaulting with the wrong kind of Pole!

    Yet another curious way to celebrate goals was unveiled at the Brawl

    Yeah, the ref had never seen that either – look at his face!

    The guy with 2 heads sometimes dodged both ways at once.  It never worked……

    #33 had a Lax All Star logo on his shorts that got a lot of attention

    Tattoo “LAS” on your left knee and opponents do a double take

  3. Get a submission from a Scallywag…….Start with neck cranks switch to a Triangle Choke, this sets him up for the The Rear Naked Choke — just camp at the wing and the groundball will just pop out.