Caption Contest: Gold Medal Tee!

Caption Contest

We publish a fantastic photo every Friday, and if you drop the best Photo Caption in the comments section of this post, we hook you up with sweet LAS gear from the Lacrosse Shop! Not too shabby, eh? It’s how a great Caption Contest works!

This Week’s Caption Contest…

Check out the photo below, and drop your best caption in the comments!  We’ll hook the winner up with a Gold Medal tee of their choice from The Lacrosse Shop.


This week’s photo comes to us from the Colorado vs. Oregon game a few weekends back at Boise State University. Our fearless leader, Jeff Brunelle snapped an interesting shot of fellow LAS-er Krieg Shaw. The angle doesn’t help on this one!

Caption Contest

Whatcha looking at Krieg?

Get to commenting and WIN!  If YOU want your photo to be used in a future Caption Contest, send us the photo and some info via our Tipline!

Last Week’s Winner…

Last week’s Caption Contest winner is tmccartn. Let us tell you though, this was a really hard week to choose. You guys had some HILARIOUS entries, so funny that we actually had to send this around to our staff for a vote!

Keep it up and we might up the prizes on our end!


tmccartn – Send us your mailing address and we’ll hook it up!

The lacrosse prizes and potential internet fame are well worth the effort, and even if it takes us some time, we’ll always pick a winner! Let the Caption Contests begin!


  1. Oregon Player :”Eat my dust”
    Colorado Player: “you mean turf pelets, [huh ameteur]”
    Ref: ” I don’t mean to ruin your soiree but I think the game is about to start.”
    Photographer: “UH! what a view, Hey champ! you mind moving!”