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Casey Powell: What It Takes To Achieve Greatness

0 - Published August 26, 2013 by in LAS Insider

During my time in Saratoga Springs this summer, I had the unexpected opportunity to catch all three Powell brothers in the same place for the same reason. And better yet, I caught them all on camera too.

As the Powell brothers gathered around to speak to the many high school lacrosse players in attendance, each brother had his own unique advice to share. First, Ryan explained how to hit the wall and truly improve your game, and then Casey, 2013 MLL Champion, stepped in to back up Ryan’s wisdom about self-improvement with an incredible story of his own…

It’s not every day you get to hear from arguably the greatest player of all time about what it takes to achieve greatness. Yes, you hear it all the time from your coaches, and maybe your parents or loved ones too, but once you’ve heard it from a guy like Casey, how could you not believe the truth?

Whether or not you become the greatest at what you do is entirely UP TO YOU!


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