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Connor Martin’s Acting Doppleganger

3 - Published April 21, 2011 by in Lifestyle

Connor Martin is not the star of the new Camelot series on Starz.  As I was watching the show (which is awful, by the way), I was positive that the long-haired leaping gnome hero of the MCLA was Arthur.  I was positive.  I thought, THIS is where Connor Martin went!  But I was wrong.  It wasn’t him.  Too bad.  He sure does look like him!  Connor could play Arthur though… and probably more convincingly than the guy they’ve got now.  Prediction: this show makes it to maybe 6 episodes.  Maybe.

connor martin Camelot


I repeat, this show is awful.  Don’t watch it.

I’ve also heard CMartin has a doppleganger on Survivor.  Any truth to that?  I don’t watch Survivor.  Of course I won’t watch this again either.

But really, where has Connor Martin gone off to?  I feel like it’s been relative radio silence for a while now.  Maybe he’s just in hiding, waiting to make a big splash once the Cali warmth head back to Denver.  Maybe he’s been furiously shooting video and working on his lax game.  Maybe he’s given up the game to focus on Afghanistanimation.    Lax Nation may be in withdrawal.

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