Connor Wilson Must Dye: Jager And Plaid Edition


I’ve checked out the Colorado Red Hot Buffs blog a couple of times and they do some good stuff over there.  I had previously mentioned Colorado player and dye master, Tyler Snyder, in an older post because he had dyed a really sick stick for Brendan Mundorf.

The RHB blog went on to showcase Tyler’s stick closet and it got me thinking; I need to dye more heads and catch up!  My only problem is that I usually end up giving the heads away.  So let me write a note to self: keep more sticks!

I received some most excellent pictures of some dyed heads from one of our commenters recently and he inspired me to try to take it to the next level.  I’ll release some of the other pictures eventually but for now I’ll just let you see one of them… but don’t worry, it’s a good one!  Purple, orange, green?  Sounds hideous.  But it’s not.  It’s sweet.

Jaeger Bombs! All he needs now is a New Haircut!

So I decided to step it up with my color game.  Enough of this 1 or 2 color nonsense… I need at least 3-4 colors from here on out in my dye jobs. 6-7 is preferable.  I’ve tried to deliver on that promise of color in these next two dye jobs and I think I also managed to hit the nail on the head.  The first one I did for a kid who plays for Doc’s Lacrosse, which is a youth team based out of New York City.

The team has plaid, yes PLAID, Headstrong uniforms so I knew I needed to include yellow, bright green, white and blue.  The thought of doing a plaid dye job was a little confounding at first but I decided to keep it simple on my first go and see how it came out.  I think you’ll agree, it worked out just fine although the Navy blue top color could have come out a little truer.

Plaid is Rad, kid. You're welcome.
Plaid head shot #2. Striking? striking.

The next stick I did was for myself.  I’m greedy like that.  I took this older Orange Maverik Bull Head I had already dyed once and decided to BAM! kick it up a notch.  I stuck with the plaid theme but when I put the original orange down, I also added O ring stickers for white circles so when I re-dyed the stick, and eventually covered it with a dark top color, these gave great additional detail.

The head used to look like this....
And now it looks like THIS!
THIS number dos.

Both sticks came out very well and the Maverik Bull was a pretty good stick to dye.  A lot of modern sticks go overboard with grooves and patterns in the plastic, which makes it much harder to apply stickers or tape.  The Maverik head is pretty flat and takes up adhesive like a sponge with water.  A “Nice job!” goes out to the fellas in Long Island City, NY (which is in Queens, by the way).

A while back, I also dyed up a head for Gavin Petracca, attackman extraordinnaire out of UNC, but evidently he hated it because it’s grey and not Carolina blue.  I never saw him use it, so I’m just assuming he hates it.  I took some artistic liberties and they weren’t appreciated…. oh well!  I tried and personally think the grey checkerboard looks money.

Simple. Classic. Grey. What's wrong with that?

I’ll be back this summer with more dyed heads and if there is interest, we’ll even do a dye contest where we give you sweet stuff, and all because you’re talented with a pot of boiling water and some electrical tape.  If you have some dye jobs you want shown off, then email me and if they’re legit they’ll be posted here on LAS!

About the Author:
Connor is a life-long lacrosse player who doesn’t know when to give up on the game. He played and coached at Wesleyan University and now plays for the Southampton LC in NYC. Connor lives with his fiance in Brooklyn and thanks her for allowing him to keep the dream alive.

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  1. I've tried just one color so far, but the color tinted over to the white side like maybe it's floating in the steam from the hot water… does that happen to you? And is regular electrical tape what you use for your sharp lines? Also, where can you get all the colors of Rit dye? The local store just has a couple of basic colors to choose from…

    • I'm not sure I understand your first question… is your color weak? is that the problem? If so, I'd focus on using at least one packet of dye and making sure your water is BOILING hot. Be very careful though. I have burnt myself before…. and will again, I'm sure. not fun.

      I use electrical tape for the most part and either cut it or buy it in different widths/shapes.
      When I stick it on the head, I then run a lighter or hairdryer over it so the adhesive heats up and bonds better with the plastic.

      Dye can be found at many places like hardware stores, art stores, pharmacies, etc. The BEST place is a fabric store though, since RIT dye is fabric dye. I like the liquid stuff better, some prefer the powder. There are some pretty amazing things you can do with the powder that you can't do with the liquid. Maybe that's next… hmmmm.

  2. THAT IS PHENOMENAL! Way to step it up, Connor. Absolutely love the Headstrong dye. The Bull and PP are solid as well, but the Torque is just amazing.

    I know it looks like it's purple, but the Jager head is black and green. If is for one of my friends who plays for Jager. I decided to pull in the green from the color of the bottle to mix it up from their black/orange color scheme for their unis. I tried something different for my first attempt and botched it, but I can send you pics. Thanks a lot for sharing it and the props.