Crosse Clicks: Lacrosse At Its Finest

Syracuse Stingers vs NYC Lax All Stars Box Photo credit: Larry Palumbo

Welcome to another spectacular edition of Crosse Clicks, where we pull together stories, photos, and video from all over the lacrosse world, outside of the US College game. College gets its own Crosse Clicks on Wednesday!

NALL: Bombers Top Stickhorses

And here is a Chazz Woodson goal. How’s box going, Chazz?

It’s ALIVE!!!!

It’s ok to admit that you have never made a snowman that came out even half as well as what my father built up in Maine. Practice makes perfect, kids!


Thoughts On Maverik’s Commercial?

Do you like it? Love it? Hate it? Give it a watch and let us know!

I always wanted to play for Maverik University!

Dalton Follows – Sniper!

Jamie Munro is buying in on this kid already. Are you? We certainly like what we see from this Canadian 2016 player!

City Lacrosse, not CityLax

CityLax brings lacrosse to public school kids in NYC. These guys are doing City Lacrosse, which is totally different! For more fun stuff like this, head over to Rhino’s Facebook page and check them out.


Now, if you’re interested in CityLax, then go to the CityLax Gala on March 7th in New York!

Lacrosse Dodge App Is HERE!

I’m excited, and will definitely have this downloaded on my phone by the time I head to NOLA for the Mardi Gras tourney this weekend.

Adrenaline Lacrosse Store Tour

Last Week’s NLL Top Plays

From London To Durham – What A Trip

Not Bad. Not Bad At All.

Aiden Howard with a little video self portrait. I like it.