Crosse Clicks: If Superman Played Lacrosse…

Superman with a GoPro

International Quidditch Association

If Superman played lacrosse, the game would probably be a lot more like quidditch.

Think about it.

There’s been so much going on over the past couple of weeks in our sport, and it’s not easy to keep up with it all! The only person capable of such a thing would be Superman. He’d get to watch a ton of lacrosse if he wanted, omniscient about the growth of the game.

At any rate, the team here at is doing our best to emulate his greatness. From big game photos and the latest MCLA action to special spotlight features and the nitty gritty details of lacrosse in the greater Los Angeles area, our plan is to give you access to more and more of the greatest sport in the world.

If you think we’re missing something, or if you’d like to get involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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Click, Baby, Click!

Brodie Merrill says “It’s a great time to be a lacrosse fan.” We believe him, and so should you! (Wingin’ It)

Paul Rabil was featured on news site in articled titled, “How To Make It In America (in a Sport That Gets No Love),” which delivers these six steps for success:

1) Pick a sport kids love
2) Become really, ridiculously good
3) Get online
4) Develop the mind of an entrepreneur
5) Be irresistible to brands
6) Promote a bigger mission

I don’t think it’s really that easy, but hey, what do I know. The article does provide some good advice and insight from Rabil, though. (Mashable)

Big news for those of you who watch Teen Wolf on MTV – The show is adding two new lacrosse players to Season 4. One of which is a funny freshman named Mason, played by Khylin Rhambo of Ender’s Game, who is a publicly gay member of the lacrosse team. (E-Online)

The Duke men’s lacrosse team was honored at the White House last week along with all other 2012-2013 NCAA Champions. One of those experiences the players on the team will never forget. (

Settlement talks are underway for the Duke lacrosse case in regards to lawsuits against the City of Durham. It is amazing how long the process takes. (The Herald Sun)

Illegal body checks… slashing… spearing… these are all penalties that officials take very seriously. Make sure you know all the rules before talking back! Or, just don’t say anything at all. Just play, or coach, or… watch. Know your role. (LAS)

Jeremy Thompson helped the Twin Cities community kick off Indigenous Lax, a new series of lacrosse clinics for Native youth fueled by the Minneapolis American Indian Center and supported by Homegrown Lacrosse. The goal of the clinics is to introduce Native youth to the history and tradition of the sport while teaching the fundamental skills required to play the game. (The Circle News)

When it comes to lacrosse gear, the Loyola Greyhounds seem to have a lot of it. (LAS)

Former Towson quarterback Peter Athens has joined the university’s men’s lacrosse team. (Baltimore Sun)

Hopkins midfielder Connor Reed talks about the JHU/Cuse rivalry. (PressBoxOnline)

Connor Wilson hit us with Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update #4 – awesome photos from the Ireland vs. Israel scrimmage and more! (LAS)

Did you know the sport of lacrosse has a connection to the “NFL Free Agent Frenzy?” (LaxMagazine)

How much thought and effort does the average coach put in to opening lacrosse practice right each day? (ZenLaxString)

Our new series #LaxHacks is heating up! Don’t miss Episode 2 featuring tips and tricks to take care of your lacrosse head. Then pick up some serious wisdom from Marty Cahill, too. (LAS)

DIII men’s lacrosse action is heating up, too! Don’t miss out on Connor’s most recent report if D3 is for you! (LAS)

Lacrosse is catching on in Oklahoma! (News OK)

But, basically, the whole sport (okay, Division I men’s lacrosse) revolves around the State of Maryland… (Batlimore Sun)

When it comes to X’s and O’s, Ryan Boyle of the Boston Cannons has arguably the smartest mind in the game. His recent video about scouting your opponent is a testament to that, indeed. (LAS)

On the one year anniversary of a fatal bus crash that killed Kristina Quigley, the team’s pregnant coach, Seton Hill University women’s lacrosse beat Tiffin University 18-10. (

Meet Natalie and Jessica Berg, the best twins in high school lacrosse! (Gazette)

Who doesn’t love a good hidden ball trick video? (LAS)

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