CUFLA Champions: Guelph Documentary


The Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association (CUFLA) is a really interesting collegiate lacrosse league! It’s not like NCAA lacrosse, in that is is club, but is also the best college field ball being played North of the Border (along with Simon Fraser). You’ve got a mix of regular Canadian college students, a couple of Americans here and there, and some pros taking classes at University. It’s a glorious mix of dangle and paying to play because you love it.

Jack Hallett, a student at Guelph, followed around the team for the year, and documented the entire season. Now he has put together a 40 minute documentary, and it’s stellar!

Jeff Sehl sent this video over to us, and included a little info on the Guelph team:

Some noteworthy players on Guelph. #29 is Curtis Knight of the Edmonton Rush and a Minto Cup champion with the Whitby Warriors, #2 is Jordan Critch who saw some time with the Buffalo Bandits last year and won 3 Minto Cups with the Orangeville Northmen, and #3 is Ryan Serville who also won a Minto with Whitby. A bunch of these guys also won All-Canadian and League awards for CUFLA.

If you were ever curious about the CUFLA, and what it takes to win a national collegiate field title in Canada, now you know!

It’s some really good, fun lacrosse! And there are a number of big names who have played for CUFLA championships, which only makes things cooler. Thanks again to Jeff for sending this over to us!