Culver Academy Vs Gilman: Full Game Video


Culver Military Academy in Indiana is currently the 3rd ranked high school team in the country according to US Lacrosse. The Gilman School, located in Maryland, is currently ranked 9th. I may not be a huge fan of ranking high school lacrosse teams, but let’s get one thing straight: These high school kids can straight up play the game.

Last night the two squads played a game in brutally cold and snowy conditions (local college teams postponed games!), and was there to take it all in! Check out all four quarters of Culver (maroon) at Gilman (white) action below:

Culver takes the road win 11-10 over Gilman. They play McDonough on Thursday.

Did you notice how each of the videos had different sponsors listed in the bottom right hand corner? That’s a simple, but interesting approach. We like it if it means more high school and college video will be available!

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