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Daily Cheese: Apollo Creed Would Wear Them

Apollo Creed lacrosse

We love shorts. Especially flashy pairs with solid inspiration. You know, the ones you rarely ever wanna take off. So, we started thinking, what if? What if we made a pair of legendary threads?

We made a checklist of all the requirements:

– They’d need pockets (duh)
– Only piping if it pops (constantly)
– 412 would have to dig ’em (yup)
– KMac would want em so comfy he could sport em freely (done, and done)
– We’d need a good supplier (found)
– Whoever wears em has to be a winner (of course)

And lastly, we’d need true inspiration. Enter Apollo Creed:

So, the deets:

We have a limited number of shorts in stock right now. Available soon.

When we unveil them next week, we’ll run a contest so you can win a free pair.

There will be 3 winners. In order to win, you’ll need to send us a picture of your helmet.

If you’d like to get a head start, email us a photo of your bucket now to [email protected]

Stay tuned for more info.


– The CU players over at Red Hot Buffs recently interviewed their head coach. Good read.

– UMBC and Stony Brook tied for 1st in the America East coaches’ poll.

– C.W. Post defeated Catawba College 9-5 yesterday afternoon.

– Pac-10 Shootout recap from The Daily (Univ. of Washington’s school paper).

– VIDEOS: big hit and what is in your lacrosse bag?

– The title got us. Another good read: At 56, Hot Roddy Rullman Still King of Crease.

– Introducing Aaron M. Shacklette ShackLax Memorial Scholarship Fund.

– It’s not lacrosse related, but it will probably make you smarter… Start reading Seth Godin’s blog.

– And lastly, we leave you with a Red Army kit mockup that Pro Athletics sent over to us.

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  • There's a club team in Boston called “The Red Army” that has had almost those identical jerseys, shorts, and team name for a long time. Did you guys just completely steal their stuff?

      • No issues with LaxAllstars, site is awesome. RedRevolution and his band of merry men are out there stealing team names and logos. Except instead of giving to the poor their saying to contact them to buy it. We've tried getting in touch with them since you guys posted the mock ups but all theyve done is take down the stuff from their facebook page that says they trademarked it.

        If anything we appreciate the heads up that someone is using our stuff.

        • No one stole anything. Atleast we didnt steal from that team. Calling a team “Red Army” isnt an original idea. We worked for a month, last June, before the Boston teams website was launched, to come up with a log, we have examples and examples or “sickle and stick” logos before we settled on our current logo, which was helped to be finalized by people at Lacrosse Unlimited. So we made uniforms and that was this. Not till just recently did we become familiar with the other Red Army. We assumed (wrongly, apparently)they got the logo from us and that it was no big deal. Now come to find out this team has been around a while and I am trying to get ahold of this team from Boston or whereever so we can figure things out.

          This is getting pretty stupid, no one has any “rights” the red army, except maybe Stalin, its a summer lacrosse team. So again, someone on this Boston team, go on facebook and try and contact this and we can work it out. Its a big misundertsanding.

          • mr. gorbachev tear down this wall!!!

            Glad to see cooler heads prevailed on this one. Shouldn't you guys be talking about teaming up to hate on the LAS Pro America gear that they are hinting at?

            “From each according to their ability…”

  • RedRevolution, I'm no Charlie Kelly here but you gotta take it easy with selling that gear. Think about the law, what happens if you guys start selling something with a logo on it that you didnt create, in the eyes of the law you're selling stolen goods. What happens then, in the eyes of the law you have to give your properties to the people you stole it from. Sorry everybody, he doesnt know the law that well.

    • Am I the only one that is really loving that this thread is starting a debate over communist themed lacrosse gear and who “owns” it?
      WWLD (What Would Lenin Do?)

      Plus now everyone in this commenting thread and on the Red Army is being tracked by homeland security. Scuse me while I adjust my tinfoil hat.

  • Enough with the Commies. We need some ass kicking, capitalist loving, red hatin ideas for shorts on this blog. I'm also sure that that twirp vlad lenin never wore shorts, sucked to be that guy!

  • BOIZE MOI…. RED ARMY IS OURS DONT TRY TO SNAKE OUR TEAM… lol if anything i think we are the red army team that keeps being mentioned in magazines and websites, so id pipe down up in boston

  • We'd like to apologies for the confusion in some of the post made on our behalf. The designs by ProAthletics and the RALC out of the south, with the exception of the logo, are 100% unique and fairly badass. Our issue was with the name and logo, while we recognize we hold no trademarks over “Red Army Lacrosse” it was still a shock to see another team using it, after running with it solo (as far as we know) for a few years now. The logo was a design we put together and that definitely added to the shock. This appears to have been an inadvertent copy by RALC due to a lazy individual at a lacrosse apparel company (not ProAthletics) and we take them at their word, no intentional thievery committed.

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