Daily Cheese: Soulja Boy Jay Swab


Meet Jay Swab, a 6’4” 210 lb. d-pole from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He lays down the law in the crease.

The YouTube description for this video:

Watch as one of the greatest lacrosse players in the nation displays his hitting power. this is truly one of the greatest players of our time. we must warn you, the content of this video is extremely violent. viewer discretion is advised. enjoy.



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  1. That kid will never play Division 1 lacrosse…straight goon with no true lacrosse ability, sorry kid.

    You might be able to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars though, after last night they need to learn how to tackel…

  2. Please never put anything like that video on this blog again. That was criminally bad and not what lacrosse is about.

    Why is there nothing yet on USC? Considering the AD said that men’s is coming in three to five years this feels like a big effing deal?

  3. Wow, here’s the breakdown of this video-
    Clip 1 – Goon delivers decent hit, but gets scooped because he briefly stopped to admire his handywork. Dumbass.
    Clip 2 – Goon pushes someone down from behind, off-ball. Douche move, and looks like the ref saw it, and called it.
    Clip 3 – replay of clip 1.
    Clip 4 – replay of clip 2.
    Clip 5 – Goon decides to finish his check on someone who missed the pass, then picks up the other player’s stick and throws it? WTF?
    Clip 6 – Goon flips the ball away from ground ball scrum and then bumps another player after the play and punches him in the arm.

    I sincerely hope that this video was titled sarcastically because if this is truly representative of Mr. Swab’s playing style the only thing he’ll be recruited for is a tackling dummy position at a nice community college in East Podunk, OK.

  4. i hoped they would never put any of there thug lacrosse clips out for anyone to see this is not a good show of how Oklahoma lacrosse is played

    i play for the Tulsa bulldogs the team in the clip is a private school called Holland hall they are a first year team and didn’t know how to play except to hit

    as little update they have for the most part stopped playing this (as the governator put it so correctly) “criminally bad” version of lacrosse and actually developed as a team…. kinda when you get the score up on them they revert to this (above)