We always wondered what the Expo at the US Lacrosse Nat’l Convention was all about. Gear, gear, gear? Then we got to go and experience it for ourselves. Trying not to be too selfish about the whole ordeal, we brought a camera along for the ride.

Now you can take it all in…

It’s like you were there!  (Shoutout to Mr. Gaudet for his solid editing skillz.)


– 20 year old Carlton Schuss is ready to make his NLL debut with the Calgary Roughnecks

Quoted: Carlton Schuss’ eyes are nearly as wide as the lacrosse balls he’ll be chasing.

– Youth leagues in Beaverton, OR are having quite a bit a trouble with scheduling field time for the season.

– Auburn lacrosse is ready for the 2010 season.

– Great Atlantic limited edition Brine gear… Peep the gloves.

– If you still haven’t read it, read it.

– @ConnorWilsonLAS is on his way down to Miami for the Bump ‘n Grind tourney. Preview here. More later.

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