Dear Baseball: You Need Better Tricks


Baseball enthusiasts often try to convince me that the hardest thing to do in sports is hit a moving round ball with a moving cylindrical bat. The fact that anyone in the majors bats over .100 is a testament to this statement being absolutely false. If it were as hard as everyone says, no one would ever hit the ball. Maybe the hardest thing to do in sports is score a goal in soccer? Statistically speaking, that’s much more rare than someone getting a hit.

But maybe, just maybe, the baseball guys just aren’t that coordinated? If this is the best they have to offer trick wise, I’d say my argument is rock solid:

Most 15 year old lacrosse players could do better than that. Sure, Andrelton Simmons’ effort (the last guy to go) is pretty impressive, but the other guys? I’m thinking Colton Raichl and Stick Trick Saturday could teach them a thing or two.

Still, no one is on Tiger Woods’ level…

Except maybe Matt Gibson:


  1. Can we please, please stop with the Lacrosse vs. Baseball mindset? It’s silly. I’ve played and coached both games. They both require a boatload of skill and talent. Are baseball blogs spending time talking about Lacrosse? I don’t know the answer, maybe they are. If so, maybe we should be the bigger “man”.

    This us vs. them idea I think is helping to perpetuate the stereotype of lacrosse players that often gives our game a bad rap. Let’s focus on growing the game by talking about how great of a game it really is and what it can teach us, not by bringing down another or needing to compare it to something.