Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament 2014


Editor’s Note: Timo Samson brings you an update on the 2014 Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament, which is held annually in the Netherlands. This is a great example of the lacrosse community growing in Europe, and a decade ago, this event did not exist. It looks like a great event, and one we want to hit up in the near future! Maybe 2015 for the 10 year anniversary?

All photos are from the BeachLacrosse Facebook page.

For the ninth year in an row, Den Haag Lacrosse is proud to present the annual Beach Lacrosse Tournament held in the Netherlands. This European event is held from august 22nd through the 24th  at the beautiful beaches of Kijkduin in DenHaag (a.k.a. The Hague).

Once again, teams from Europe will attend this already well known tournament, and will compete with each other during this two day event. The winners take home the famous ‘bokaal’ after the finals, which are held on Sunday!


This year women’s and men’s teams from Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and of course the Netherlands, are representing at the tournament with wicked team names such as:

Crazy Crabs, Royal Air Force Lacrosse, W.I.L.D. Lacrosse, Eagles United, Cream Jar Holidays, The Deadly Pirates, Chur Lacrosse, and Team Old Boys LAX Hard.

For those who are not familiar with the beach lacrosse version of the game, here are some rules:

  • 3 on 3 matches with a total of 18 minutes game time
  • Guys wear only helmets and gloves/Girls wear only mouth guards
  • No goalies and no long-poles, and NO SHOES
  • You have to obtain the right to attack/score
  • Group stage on day 1 and knock-out stage on day 2
  • Basketball shaped field (1 small goal and half a field)

beach lacrosse field

On Friday, all teams arrive at the campsite we arranged for the weekend, and there will be a small pre-party in the evening. On Saturday, the group stage kicks in, with a BBQ afterwards and a big party in the evening. On Sunday, the knock-out stage rules the day, with the finals taking place in the afternoon.



After the afternoon championship game it’s back to the motherland for everyone to relax a bit before switching from weekend warrior mode to attending our daily jobs on Monday.

Pics will follow after the tourney!

Live life to the LAX

Timo Samson

Den Haag Lacrosse the Netherlands