Dodging and Physical Preparation

Flow Tips: Physical dodging with Connor Martin

Editor’s Note: We’ve been asking Connor Martin questions about his new lacrosse training tip videos and he’s been responding in his own special vernacular. There’s no shortage of lacrosse knowledge being shared here, and this week we want to know how ConBroChill prepared for the MLL and what it takes to dodge!

Physical Dodging

First thing I noticed when I got to play in my first MLL game is how much more physical the game was. I don’t think I’m one of the “Great” dodgers to have played in the MLL, but when I had success it usually involved running through checks, lowering my shoulder a little, and selling out.

You see the guys who play in the league year after year dominating like Brendan Mundorf, Ned Crotty, John Grant Jr., etc. these guys are physical.

They come in many different shapes and sizes but they aren’t afraid of checks running in a straight line at the cage. I think at every level you’ll see it become more physical, but mentally there needs to be a point where you say I don’t care how big I am, how big the guy is in front of me, I’m going to have to use my body, sacrifice a little of it, and run through this dude to create some offense for myself and my team.

It’s like jumping off a big cliff, just count to 3 and JUMP!