Does A Kid From Nebraska Even Know How To Cradle?


Editor’s Note: Welcome Tanner Lerdahl to LAS!  He’ll be filling us in on some of the lax happenings in Nebraska!

Welcome to Nebraska! No, that isn't Tanner.

Hi, my name is Tanner Lerdahl, I thought this would be a good way to introduce myself to the LAS Nation.  I have played lacrosse for about 5 years in Omaha, Nebraska… Wait…. NEBRASKA?  They have lacrosse there?

We sure do, and it is growing faster than ever!

Right now our high school league consists of only 9 teams.  We have a very competitive club team; the Jr. Buddha Ballers.  We traveled to Vail and St. Louis this summer and now plan on heading to Dallas this fall.

We are very involved in lacrosse during all seasons of the year.   But even with all our work, Lacrosse is still not very well known in Nebraska. My goal in joining this team was to do my best in another sport, and expand the knowledge and overall play in Nebraska.

Here are some videos of my high school winning the 07 state championship and 09 state tournament. I hope you guys enjoy them… and I’ll be back on LAS again soon with more info on lacrosse from the great state of Nebraska!

Our 2007 State Championship Season:

Our 2009 State Championship Season: