Does Player Size Determine Potential?

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This week a discussion has been taking place about whether or not player size determines ability or potential. (Full disclosure: I’m not very tall.) While overall the sentiment seems to be that if you work hard it doesn’t matter, some people seem to think that it DOES affect the recruiting process.

teamgoon68 posted the following:

I know it stinks to be small and played wrongly at positions. I was 4’8 81lbs going into my first year of U-13 but deffinitly not my first year of lax! I got extremely under played and I saw it happen to my brother through high school but finally my brother got to be a starter. Back on topic some coaches look at disadvantages of a player and forget to weigh out the pros. So I thought well did I forget to do something. So I came up with this why don’t we come up with ways to make a impression, and also dominate our disadvantages and make the pesky things pros! If you can relate I wanna here your story!

What do you think? Does size really matter? How can a player overcome their vertical challenges? Have a success story for our poster? Have your voice be heard in the Community Forum!


  1. i would say even at the very young level it matters. My son plays U9 and his travel coach starts the kid that is bigger than my son even though my sons stick skills are far better than the other kid. Not a big deal he still get plenty of time on the field. I also think the coach looks at the parents for their size and puts that potential toward the kids he thinks will become good. Just my thoughts from what i have seen after 4 years of watching these kids develop.

  2. I was 5’6″ 130 (almost all muscle mass Be:165 squat:270) and size helps in lacrosse, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is your athleticism. How can you use what you are given to make you the best you can be. I was a starter this year at midfield, and of course since I was smaller I was subject to being thrown around a lot more than the other guys. But, when it came to offense it was all about skill and athleticism (13g 28a). And sure it can be tougher to get bast a guy who is 6’3″ and as fast as you but, enough trickery and you can work your way through it.

    And here is a great example, so in the State Championship, the other team had a midfielder who was 6’2″ 200 (just an athletic beast) going to canisus, But our smallest guy 5’5″ maybe 135-140 was the person to guard him, and when I say he shut him down, I mean he shut him Down. He left the guy with no points and not getting almost any touches, because his stick skills are unbelievable. He manages to get his stick into places even when you have perfect ball protection.

    So does size matter? No, it’s the skillz that killz

    (i posted this somewhere else but it fits here too)

  3. I believe the only thing size effects is the way you go about your game you look at Garrett Thul his game revolves around his size then there’s people like Chaz Woodson his who are probally more agile then Garrett Thul but both great players of the game so if you are a hardworking player you’ll be you good big or small