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Easton Lacrosse’s Native Vision: New Mexico

Alfie Jacques lacrosse New Mexico
Alfred Jacques gives a little history lesson to the kids.

Easton Lacrosse has found a couple of recent college grads (one that played hockey, and one that played baseball) that will be traveling around the country exploring the world of sport, and one of their first stops was to Native Vission, a camp for native kids in New Mexico where mentoring is provided through sport and other avenues.

One of Easton’s Lacrosse reps is on the trip, and one of his relatives was full-blooded Cherokee.  His tie to the sport is obvious.  But the other two guys on the trip have never played before… and any first time interaction with the game is always interesting!  Of course, the main point of the video speaks to the kids, and how they can be helped.

Alfie Jacques lacrosse New Mexico

Alfred Jacques gives a little history lesson to the kids.

For the lacrosse portion of the camp, Sid Jamieson and Alfie Jacques ran the show, and to have two guys like this involved is just awesome.  They know the game like few others, have taught it for years, and provide an instant credible connection to the Native kids at the camp, even though they come from the East.  The connection is made simply as Alfred Jacques says, “this is an Indian game”.  The connection is that simple.  But the quality of that connection is increased by corresponding passion and that is abundantly displayed in the video.

Check it out!  Growing The Game in New Mexico!!!!!

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