Empowering Lives Through Lacrosse


A large part of the Grow The Game mentality stems from the knowledge that lacrosse can open doors, provide opportunity, and help us all to become better people. All of us here at LAS have experienced the impact lacrosse can have, and we try our best to pass that on to a larger next generation.

US Lacrosse, and the US Lacrosse Foundation, is also doing their part to GTG, and their most recent focus has been on Empowering Lives Through Lacrosse. They released a new promo video last week, and it’s definitely worth a watch:

The video focuses on some of the teams and initiatives that US Lacrosse is involved with, but the general concept is clearly one of community, and supporting each other. Whether you go the vertical route of moving up or trickling down, or the sideways route of direct help, it makes a difference. Get inspired, and stay involved, however you can.