End Caps: So Far So Good 2014

end caps 2014

And We’re Off…

It always gets me all jazzed up when there is a big weekend of lacrosse to be watched. On The Lacrosse Network last night we got to see the Toronto Rock manhandle the Calgary Roughnecks and today we get to check out the Vancouver Stealth take on the Colorado Mammoth at home as well as Maverik United squaring off against Team STX in some LXM PRO action down in San Diego, CA.

TLN: Bringing Lax Families Together
TLN: Bringing Lax Families Together

Start your year off right and watch some lax, in between games I think you can squeeze in a little wall time right? Anyway, let’s review what you might have missed this week in lacrosse…here we go!

Fantasy NLL League – Week 1

Our Week 1 results are as follows (my boys were slacking)…

NLL fantasy week 1 results

1st place every week wins, if it’s an LAS staffer, nobody gets anything. This week’s winner was Jeff Sehl, send us an email to claim a prize!

Play Fantasy NLL against LaxAllStars, win, get a prize. Simple as that.

1st place every week wins, if it’s an LAS staffer, nobody gets anything. Although the first full week of games are in the books, it’s not too late to join and win some great prizes. Make sure to sign up for NLL Fantasy. Search league code:1287cbca8911 or LaxAllStars to play against us and over 20+ members of the community!

All NLL games can be found on The Lacrosse Network

Markbuster Video

Gotta get in to a routine

Rob Hellyer went off and it was exciting!

Aww yeahhh, Throwback!

Flip: Just a Teaser

Poppin’ bottles baby

What’s good with J-Rod?

Top 10 of Week 1

Best D heads of 2013?

The Smokestack

Previews, Previews Everywhere!

We are here to let you know the what’s what of lacrosse, it’s our job and we deliver.

NCAA Interested in the Division 1? Oh well CW has you hooked up….starting with Air Force

NLL You might be thinking, “man, I missed week 1 of the NLL and I have no idea who’s playing this week”…well Ryan Connors can hit you with the Week 2 preview and predictions.

MCLA Now you are probably thinking, “well that’s cool, but what about the MCLA?” Monday we release the first of our schedule and preseason rankings for each and every team and conference in the MCLA. Check out MCLA Fan on Monday to start with the LSA Division II.

What’s Goin’ On?

13 Best Photos of 2013

Mammoth seeks win in ‘galaxy far, far away’

Gajic looks to turn back clock

Raising money and awareness for Aaron Loy

Toronto Rock players do it for the love of the game; day jobs help pay bills

Vancouver Stealth have a Mammoth job to do in trying to stop Grant in season opener in Denver

Glaser, Mazer honored by Israel Lacrosse Association

Clark’s physical play works on both rink, lacrosse field

Israeli Lacrosse Team In Miami Exhibition Game

Fighting Irish Lacrosse Team to Travel Far and Wide in 2014

Stories of the Year: Crossover Appeal


MCLA DII Preseason Poll

PNCLL Preseason Poll

Lax Hacks: Ball Burns B Gone

Important Note

If you’ve made it this far, hear this: We want End Caps to serve as a resource for you to catch up on what’s going on in the game. Feel free to post any videos, comments, pictures or stories here in the LAS Community, and we’ll use them for upcoming editions. If you even read this, post in the forum, maybe you’ll get some stickers(does anyone read this?) ;) Stay in shape this month, fat season is here (Thanksgiving through New Years)!

Now get out there and hit the wall!