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End Caps 11/24

Unfortunately the LXM game, and tournament, that was supposed to be played today in Arizona was cancelled due to terrible weather. It’s really unfortunate, but they found a place to hold indoor clinics for the kids, and that seemed pretty cool. Hopefully the weather cooperates the next couple stops, my bet is Vegas will be bright and sunny.

One last time, you can make a donation to HEADstrong in my poor, poor mustache’s honor. Here we go!

Markbuster Video

What do you know about Serbian lacrosse? You probably won’t understand anything but it’s dope!

On the subject of international lax, I bring you the singing, fighting Scots…

Hopkins and Fairfield scrimmaged…

Hey, Honor the Game

Never be That Guy

Listen to Hamilton Pollard

What’s Goin’ On?

Legendary HOF goalie joined Mammoth coaching staff

We welcomed FLORIDA to the MLL

We also went inside Billy’s mind

A coach paid tribute to his former player

And some life lessons were learned through lacrosse

Helping Hands

Garden City lacrosse spreads Christmas cheer

Bucknell got hairy with no shave Novembeard

Niagara Women’s holds a Pink Out game

High School lacrosse player in the NFL

Apparently I played lacrosse in high school against a current NFL wide receiver. I knew about quite a few guys that I played with or against that went on to play D1 football at respectable schools, most of them dropped lacrosse toward the end of high school. Griff Whalen of the Indianapolis Colts didn’t quit in high school, he was a stud midfielder. Griff was a year older than me in school but his team, Sylvania, would always face my team, Pickerington, usually once in the regular season and typically we would meet again in the playoffs.

griff whalen sylvania
Photo credit: Toledo Blade

I’m not not going to lie, we got smashed. At that time both teams played in the club division in Ohio because they were made up of multiple schools playing together.

Griff decided to go to Stanford with hopes of walking on the football team. That he did, but he also played for the Cardinals lacrosse team during his freshman year before starting to really excel at football. Griff was a star receiver at Stanford and eventually found his way to the Colts. It’s pretty cool to find out you got stomped on the lax field by a guy playing in the NFL.

griff whalen colts
Photo credit: Cleveland.com

More on Griff and the cleanliness of Andrew Luck here.



How to tuck sweats in to socks

What are you looking for in a non waxed mesh?

Rubber mesh?

Help Yourself!

MCLA Helmet Design Contest

POCO Rulebook

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