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At about the same time every year, as college football winds up, we start to remember how excited we are for college lacrosse. December is the month where teams announce their finalized schedules, captains, trips, and plans for the season.

So far, some special location games that have caught my eye are Notre Dame vs. Denver in the Pacific Coast Shootout at Orange Coast College (Orange County, CA) and the Moe’s Southwestern Grill Classic that takes place every year down in Jacksonville, FL, which will be featuring UMass, Ohio State, Jacksonville and more.

What I’m trying to say is get those travel arrangements ready, some of the best lacrosse will be played in less traditional areas. Moe’s Classic and the Launch are in Florida, Chicago is making a push for the NCAA Finals, and teams are finding their way to Cali for the regular season.

The game is growing, fast, so get on board and get out and support the expansion. These games mean everything for lacrosse to keep expanding west of the Mississippi!

Markbuster Video

Spend 4 days with Notre Dame

Colton gets all “Stonehenge” with it

NLL Star Kyle Sorenson stops by The Lacrosse Show

Holy Throwback USA vs. Canada!!!!

Connor went to Maine, this happend…

High Rollers 2013 anyone?

What’s Goin’ On?

Grab Bags are ON SALE!

Special lacrosse player killed for headphones

A NLL veteran’s tale: Ravens too early, hopes Stealth isn’t too late

Comparing Face-Off Yearbook Rankings to Year-End Adjusted Efficiency Margin Rankings

NLL training camps affected by CBA

Iroquois in Germany out for FIL 2014

10 Mistakes New Coaches Make (and How to Avoid Them)

Turning down scholarship to Denver for the NHL

Former Brown Field Hockey and Lacrosse Coach, Passes Away

Helping Hands

Bristol Lax Players Raise Money For Wounded Soldiers

Black Friday Laxgiving raises money for those in need

US Lacrosse Announces Michael Breschi Scholarship Recipients

Holiday Deals

Best Lacrosse Deals of 2013
We scoured the interwebz for the best holiday specials out there, and boy did we have some luck! There’s no better time than now to do holiday shopping from the couch in your pajamas. Here’s your chance to save big on lacrosse equipment, cleats, and lifestyle gear. Enjoy!

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Holiday Grab Bags
2013 Holiday Grab Bags
2013 Holiday Grab Bags

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20% the Big Logo Hoodie

Check out a ton of holiday deals hand selected with lacrosse players in mind!

Mesh Buyers Guide

Mesh Buyers Guide 2013

It’s hard to keep track of time when you’re having fun. We have been having fun stringing non-stop all year long, creating tutorials, reviews, and beautiful works of art for you to drool over.

The whole time we have been stringing up wands, we have been collecting data and researching some of the best pieces of wax, rubber, and performance mesh on the market.

Check out out Mesh Buyer’s Guide for 2013, I hope it helps you with your mesh buying decisions.


Traditional Thursday EAGLE NEST POCKET

Welcome Pro Lacrosse to… Maine!

The FOGO Head Thread

What are looking for in a non waxed mesh?

Important Note

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Now get out there and hit the wall!