End Caps: Laxtober – Part 1


Hola Amigos! Thanks for checking back in to see what you might have missed recently in the lacrosse world. First things first, our friends Pat and Brad from TLN are absolutely killing it. I can’t stop laughing, I’ve got their videos on repeat. Also, if you didn’t know Connor is back with The Lacrosse Show, check out the latest episode below.


What’s Goin’ On?

The Denver Outlaws (MLL) will be scrimmaging the Denver Pioneers (NCAA D1)

The Dresden Lacrosse Club (Germany) released a pretty sexy calendar

The Guinness World Record for fastest marathon in lacrosse gear is being challenged

WWE Superstar Mick “Mankind” Foley recollects his days in the ring and in the crease

It runs in the Belichick family 

Hobart alum graciously added to National Lacrosse HOF


How about a few GIFs from the first couple weeks of hockey season, it’s October baby!

Line change missed hit
Line change?
Todd Bertuzzi face plant
Bertuzzi face plant
John “The Dentist” Tavares
LaPierre boarding
He never saw it coming

NCAA Men’s Captains

Here are a few of the schools who have announced their leaders for the 2014 season:

Delaware: Garrett Johnson and James Connelly

Detroit Mercy: Alex Maini, Tom Masterson, Thomas Sible, Chris Shevins

Johns Hopkins University: Rob Guida,James Malm,Michael Pellegrino 

North Carolina: Ryan Creighton, Greg McBride, Campbell Wood

Penn State: Gavin Ahrem, Tom LaCrosse, and Tyler Travis

Syracuse: Hakeem Lecky, Matt Harris, Derek Maltz, Billy Ward

Vermont: Graham Horvath, Ahmad Zachary, Andrew Buckanavage, Andrew Muscara

Virginia: Rob Emery, Bobby Hill, Scott McWilliams


Blind Item: New Professional Lacrosse Sponsor

Hot Pot: How To Spend 10,000 Hours

Is It Worth It?

Iowa Is On The Map

Congratulations to, Ted Crites, the first player from the state of Iowa to play NCAA lacrosse. He will be taking his talents to Columbus, Ohio to help launch the Capital University Crusaders on to the DIII map. Good luck Ted, the door is now open for everyone else.

Important Note

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Now get out there and hit the wall!