End Caps: Love of the Game


Markbuster Videos!

Markbuster Videos, I love this stuff!

This video is one I could watch over and over again, and I’m not even Canadian! It’s a spectacular inside look at the history and current position of the NLL in Vancouver, BC. The Stealth have made it a long way, and so has the NLL market in British Colombia since the Ravens’ days.

I love the use of locations and variety of on screen talent from the BC lacrosse scene. The lighting and shot variety make for an interesting and engaging composition. This video should be shared amongst box lacrosse enthusiasts everywhere.

The next two videos are actually for our newest blog for Colombia lacrosse! These videos are so well shot that they make you want to book the next flight to Colombia to experience it for yourself. From the nature, the people, the lacrosse, the imagery is consistently perfect and the video can pull you away from where ever you are and put you right in Pereira or Bogota with them.

I’m so glad Colombia is on board, I can’t wait to see how the represent themselves in Denver!

I mean why not watch Kyle Harrison shoot at a watermelon in slow motion? I’m pretty sure that’s why they made these cameras! So glad TLN rented (I’m guessing) one.


It warms my heart to lacrosse being played all across the globe. It’s springtime which is lax time and that couldn’t make me any happier.

I just want to remind you why we play this game:

We love it.

If you are playing lacrosse and you don’t love the game, I encourage you to find another hobby to fill your time. Lacrosse is more than a sport, it is a lifestlye, a religion, a means of hope for many of those that accept the Creator’s Game as part of who they are.

I remember Quint saying a while back,

You honor the game by being a fierce competitor and conducting yourself with the highest standards of sportsmanship.

If you give lacrosse everything that you have by loving, respecting and embracing the game, it will give back so much more to you than you ever put in. Lacrosse is my love, it’s in my blood. Lacrosse was welcomed in to my life in elementary school as a “hobby” or “a way to beat other boys with sticks,” now it is my life, I dream about lacrosse, think about lacrosse and I can’t stop talking about lacrosse. If you don’t have the desire to give back to the game and respect it in the ways that it deserves, please hang up the cleats. I promise there is something else out there that will make you feel as passionate and as complete as we feel about about lacrosse.

Find what makes you happy, find what you love and never let the fire go out.

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