End Caps: The Time for NLL is Here!


Ahhh…. it’s that time of year again. The National Lacrosse League is back and the opening night of action was exhilarating. If you have been following, we have a pick ’em challenge amongst the staff and I went 2-1 on opening night, it looks like Philly might be a little better than first anticipated.

I hope everyone got everything that their heart could desire this holiday season, I’m sure the LaxAllStars Holiday Grab Bags hit the spot. Make sure to go back and watch the videos from the 12 Days of Laxmas to see if you won one of 36 prizes given away, not all of them have been claimed!

It’s Not Too Late – Fantasy NLL League

Rochester Knighthawks vs. Buffalo Bandits Stephen Keogh NLL Photo Credit: Larry Palumbo

Play Fantasy NLL against LaxAllStars, win, get a prize. Simple as that.

1st place every week wins, if it’s an LAS staffer, nobody gets anything. Think of it as a game of stump the gurus. Well actually it’s more like, stump Mark and the guys in the office who ask him who they should start. Yeah, Mark just wrote in 3rd person, get over it.

Although the first 3 games are in the books, it’s not too late to join and win some great prizes. Make sure to sign up for NLL Fantasy. Search league code:1287cbca8911 or LaxAllStars to play against us and over 20+ members of the community!

Buffalo was downed by Philadelphia 17 – 13

Rochester took out the Swarm 8 – 6

Edmonton proved too strong for Colorado 13 – 10

All games can be found on The Lacrosse Network

Markbuster Video

Our new documentary with Epoch Lacrosse…. let Flip in to your life

The Great Dane Smith killing it last night

Snowballs for soft hands!

Connor Martin teaches the Dive Shot…

…and because I love him….The Face Dodge

Who did you take as #1?

Apple Lacrosse hits the Big City!

Slip City, USA

What’s Goin’ On?

Guide to the Basics of the NLL

We graded the MLL Supplemental Draft

Based on his performance last week, Maxx Davis is our Man of the Year

The Cost of Doing Business – Arlotta’s plan for Swarm/NLL

Former UConn Women’s Lacrosse goalie lost her life in car crash

Menu expanded for lacrosse fans

What Do The Iroquis and Lacrosse Have In Common?

Goalie balances Saves and Schoolwork

Minnesota Gopher freshman found dead on campus

2014 Gifts to Lacrosse Teams

Helping Hands

Tournament hopes to raise funds for Aaron Loy

Bellevue lax warms hearts and bodies with blankets

Mercer teaches community about lacrosse

MHS lacrosse hosts Run for Cover 5K


New York City’s First Lacrosse Store

Epoch Releases Their New Hawk Head

Traditional Thursday: Prevention and A Pass On

Important Note

If you’ve made it this far, hear this: We want End Caps to serve as a resource for you to catch up on what’s going on in the game. Feel free to post any videos, comments, pictures or stories here in the LAS Community, and we’ll use them for upcoming editions. If you even read this, post in the forum, maybe you’ll get some stickers(does anyone read this?) ;) Stay in shape this month, fat season is here (Thanksgiving through New Years)!

Now get out there and hit the wall!