End Caps: ‘Tis the Lax Season


Markbuster Top 5!

Markbuster Videos, back in action. Here’s my top picks from the past week.

Just because: slow-mo. TLN has been putting the cameras to good use and had a killer video of K18 and Baum rippin’ twine in slow motion a few weeks ago. This time Samir is getting in on the action, I just hope that if he busts this out in a game, he’s facing a short goalie.

Matt is the best. The King of Soft Hands is back on YouTube with this awesome series, again from TLN. Whether you’re in to stick tricks or not, Matt is worth watching and again…. slow-mo! I love these videos, the lighting puts all eyes on Matt and he simplifies some of the more difficult tricks.

Nick Rose was on last night with Mark Powers on NLL Live. It’s always a good time to tune in to the show on Thursday nights and gets me pumped for the weekends.

BYU and Boston College got chippy yesterday in the first game of the Coaches vs. Cancer event. It’s worth a watch and it gets brutal at times, I love it!

Last but not least, just because Connor is heading down to NOLA for the Mardi Gras Tournament, here is some footage of last year. Kinda bummed I didn’t get an invite, it looks awesome!


wall ball

Do you know what really can put a smile on my face? Seeing people from all over the world send us videos of them playing wall ball.

If you somehow missed it, we are running a contest through the month of February giving away a custom Cascade R helmet of the winner’s choice. It’s extremely inspiring to see members of our community from the cities in the US and Canada, as well as one risky wall baller out in Tokyo, Japan!

You have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. EST to get your submissions in, then the voting process begins where you can encourage friends and family to vote for your video. The person with the most votes wins the contest, simple as that!

Greg from East Coast Dyes got in on the action!

So did Kyle Sweeney of the Philly Wings and the Boston Cannons!

Get out, hit the wall, then send us the proof! It’s not too late…

Swag Me Out

I’m here to help you get, or stay, “swagged out.” I may not be a fashion icon per se, but I do have an opinion about what looks good and what should be thrown away immediately.

A line of t-shirts that can not be over looked is the Rhino Lacrosse “Terra” collection. I pulled three shirts from the Rhino shop that I wish I had, you need to peep them for yourself.

rhino shirt rhino shirt rhino shirt

Looking for more sweet gear to tie you over until next weekend? DO NOT MISS INSTALAX Session 1 from last week!

Until next weekend, folks!