Facing Off: The Clamp

Chase Carraro face off clamp lacrosse facing off

In this video, I will explain the fundamentals for executing the clamp.

One of my favorite things about teaching the fundamentals of face-offs is that the improvement can happen instantly. Eventually it’s the little things that separate good face-off men from great face-off men.

Good face-off men have one solid move. Great face-off men have two or three incase the clamp is having an off day.

Good face-off men have quick hands. Great face-off men compliment their quick hands by getting their bodies behind the move… You get the point.

Great face-off men focus on perfecting the minor details of a stance or move, because they know that could be the slight advantage that wins their team possession of the ball.

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Chase Carraro
Growing up in Louisville, KY, he was introduced to the game at the age of 14 by brother Casey, who played on the first ever high school team in Kentucky. Chase fell in love with the sport and helped lead St. Xavier High School to two Kentucky State Championships, while also being a 2x High School All-American. After high school Chase took his talents to The University Of Denver, where he was a 2x All-American, making two appearances in the Final Four, and was a team captain in 2013. He currently plays in the MLL for the Ohio Machine and is a Trilogy National Director.