Fastest Game On Wheels

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Beautiful day, beautiful game! Love this! LOVE IT!!!

Imagine losing the ability to use your legs.  Tasks you thought of as the most basic would probably hold brand new challenges.  And how could you possibly continue to do something extremely leg intensive, like play lacrosse? Thanks to the guys at Adrenaline Lacrosse out in Cali, Wheelchair lacrosse is now the answer and an actual reality.  The players uses chairs with 2 bigger wheels angled inwards (similar to a marathoner’s wheelchair) and two smaller pivot wheels (one in front, one in back) and the game is played on a roller hockey rink.

LPG did a GREAT post on this emerging sport back in March of 2010, but now we’ve got more video and this time it features some game action.  At the 1:20 mark there is even a pretty serious hit!  Good form.  Enjoy the video and rejoice in the triumph of the human spirit over adversity!

photo courtesy: Laxbuzz