Finland’s Anssi Kaisalmi Is A Lacrosse Wizard


We’ve been talking about the rise of International Lacrosse, and nowhere was this more evident that at the last U19 Championships, which were held in Turku, Finland. The Iroquois beat the USA in round robin competition, European teams showed vast improvement and Finland’s Anssi Kaisalmi impressed almost every single person who saw him play.

Kaisalmi is a midfielder/FO, who played for Glenelg Country School (in Maryland) for a year as an exchange student in 2009-10, and he has a great set of stick skills when dodging through groups of defenders and a flair for the dramatic. He’ll score backhand, no angle… whatever. More proof that the game is growing!

Yes, that was a dirty face dodge at the 1:35 mark. The one at the 3:48 mark might be better. And yes, Anssi seems to have a TON of whip in his stick… but hey, it works for him!