Florida Lax Life: Introducing Ryan Cromar


Editor’s Note: LAS just picked up another thoroughbred and we got this one way down South in Florida.  That’s almost Cuba! The Sunshine State has experienced a lacrosse boom over that past decade that rivals or exceeds the growth of the sport in almost every other state so it’s fitting that we’d get a new columnist to cover the area!  Please welcome Ryan Cromar to the stable and prepare to be educated on the finer points of Florida Lax.

Over the last few years, Florida has turned into a true hotbed of lacrosse. With year round sunshine and plenty of athletes to go around, it’s easy to see why there are an abundance of new programs ranging from local peewee to NCAA Division 1 emerging on the scene.

Who else better than ‘yours truly’ to bring you coverage of all things lax in the sunshine state… Who am I, you ask? My name is Ryan Cromar, or ry-bro, if you will.

A little bit about me: after playing MCLA ball at the University of South Florida, I spent a year in Germany playing lax, and now I coach lacrosse at Jesuit high school in Tampa Bay. Go Tigers!

I will be your one-stop shop for all of your Florida lacrosse needs. Everything from scores, team profiles, news and player interviews will be available at your fingertips right here on LAS. This time of year is always the most exciting for Florida lacrosse; the High Schools are entering their respective playoffs, the MCLA teams are fighting for a shot at a Denver post-season and the NCAA squads have all had pretty respectable seasons so far.

There will be plenty of upcoming coverage for all you FL laxers out there and this weekend is no different in terms of excitement. The SELC matchup between UFlorida and FSU is arguably one of the best annual lacrosse games in all of Florida and possibly the country.

This year the event is on an even larger scale as it is being played before the FSU spring football game at Doak Stadium on the FSU campus.

Doak Campbell Stadium

I have no doubts this will be one of the best games in the MCLA this year. The only question left to ask is, who from LAS will prevail in the crystal ball challenege?   I’m going to have to go with FSU, they just have too many weapons all over the field.

I look forward to bringing you all the latest and greatest lacrosse happenings here in the sunshine state. Until next time, I bid you adieu, laxers.


About the author: After playing MCLA ball at the University of South Florida, Ryan Cromar spent a year in Germany playing lax, and now he coaches lacrosse at Jesuit high school in Tampa Bay. Go Tigers!