For Some Reason, Rob Gronkowski LOVES Tabor Lacrosse


Rob Gronkowski, giant outspoken football star for the New England Patriots, has made his opinion known on a number of subjects via the wonderful world of Youtube, and now he has weighed in on the never ending debate surrounding Avon Old Farms Vs. Tabor Academy Lacrosse.

I know, I wrote that sentence and it doesn’t even make sense to me.  But hey, those are the facts.

In case you didn’t know Tabor Academy is located on or near Cape Cod, in the town of Marion.  It’s a small 9-12 prep school, which has a solid lacrosse program, and an excellent sailing team.  Oh, and I went to Summer camp there.  Avon Old Farms is located in Connecticut, and it has long been a lacrosse (but more importantly, hockey) factory, regularly turning out D1 players.  Both can be considered more or less typical New England prep schools.

Tabor has been pretty close to grabbing a win in recent years, but this game was the closest they have come in quite a while.  4 overtimes.  Craziness.  At least Gronk thinks so!

Well, that wasn’t very nice. Gronk didn’t play lax at Tabor, and in fact, he didn’t even go to Tabor.  Or Avon.  He went to High School in Pennsylvania.  So who knows what’s happening here?

All we do know is that Gronk is with Tabor on this one.  Even though Avon actually won the game 10-9 in 4 OT periods.  We’re as confused as you are.

What we really want to see is if Gronk has some lax skills!  He’s an athletic dude, we bet he could make it work.