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Not to brag but LaxAllStars’ own Jeff Brunelle (Co-Founder) was recently featured in an interview with The Sports Business Exchange, an online trade journal for Business Professionals, where he dropped some knowledge on social media and sports.

Here is a quick excerpt:

What campaign do you think is working right now?
I want to say something else besides Nike, but I can’t. Those Nike Pro Combat commercials with Adrian Peterson are one of kind; when it comes on TV I stop everything to just watch. In terms of social media, another great example is Nike’s Leroy Smith campaign (The Man Who Motivated Michael Jordan). They made a lot of noise with that one.

Featured Young Professionals Series: Jeff Brunelle | TSBX, October 27th, 2009

Read the full interview here.

Jeff’s no Eminem but he spits it fast and truthful when it comes to the social side of sport.  Kinda like these fellas.

Slightly NSFW language


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