Frequent Flyer Miles: Lone Star Alliance


‘Tis the new year and that means only one thing: the lacrosse season is nearly upon us.  It also means that I will be giving all of you a look into the schedules of all 100+ MCLA Division 2 teams.

We’re going to use a slightly different format than last year. Instead of focusing entirely on a team’s out of conference schedule, we’re going to look at the whole thing. The grading system will be similar: A-F, depending on certain minimum criteria. A grade may be bumped up, depending on the quality of the games.

A: This team went above and beyond the minimum league requirement of 2 out of conference games.

B: This team went above the minimum league requirements of 2 out of conference games.

C: This team met the minimum requirement of 2 out of conference games.

D: This team only scheduled one out of conference game.

F: This team failed to schedule any out of conference games.

Austin College

Austin College is the first team on the chopping block. As you can tell by the large number of red stars, they did not schedule out of conference. They start a horrible trend in the LSA.



Centenary has the distinction of playing in the first out of conference game in D2 this season. Sadly, that is the only one they play in the MCLA. I’ll give Coach Brand some credit for getting some NCAA squads on the schedule, seeing as they are transitioning to NCAA D3. However, for my purposes, and the MCLA’s for that matter, it doesnt count.


Sam Houston State

Now this is a work of art. At least it is for the LSA. 6 total non-LSA games, not including the canceled game @ Hope. I applaud the Bearkats. The schedule may not get them an at-large bid to Denver, but barring an upset, I don’t see that being a problem.


St. Edwards

St. Edwards brings us back to the LSA habit of not scheduling outside of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.


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  1. A) Sam isn’t going to Michigan at all so the Ferris game is cancelled as well.

    B) I’m not making excuses but there really are no OOC teams in our proximity besides Harding. Yes I know what you will say, go on a Spring Break trip… easier said than done.

    C) Yes we are playing D3’s instead of MCLA D2 to help us transition.

  2. It is difficult to schedule spring break trips or weekend trips to teams outside of these three states especially when your school doesn’t support the club team at all. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that only SHSU and Centenary have any meaningful school support as far as money is concerned.

  3. An A for Sam Houston? Really? They don’t play a single squad ranked in the top 10… in fact, the highest ranked team they play is #15. Playing 3 teams ranked in the lower half of the poll should not result in an “A” grade. If they get upset in conference play, there is no way Sam Houston has the SOS to earn a bid to Nationals

  4. careful with your wording, you say sam houston and centenary are the only one showing initiative, but you’re only basing this off of what game they have scheduled meaning the teams that agreed to play them. Just because we don’t have teams on our schedule doesn’t mean we didn’t try our butts off to schedule them.