Friday Head Banger!

Maybe he's just narcoleptic and fell asleep?

It’s finally Friday again.  To get you going for the weekend, we’ve got a collection of some quick BIG hitters!  From the littlest groms to the biggest names in lacrosse, everyone gets jacked up once in a while.

Maybe he's just narcoleptic and fell asleep?

Note to Connor Wilson: Pick your head up this winter in boxla.

A little cheap? Perhaps.  Play was clearly dead, right?

Announcer: ..and #55 on defense…

Wait, is this football?  55 sure thinks it is.  Arizona awesomeness.  I’ll let the former Mr. Kardashian take this one. Ouch.

It’s totally understandable when a first time laxer does it though… think this kid ever played football?

Good form on this 8 year old! He’s got a future at linebacker U.  Move those feet little man!

Pretty good hit here (maybe a bit high) and the kid pops right back up.  Parents seem VERY upset, however.  One guy even thinks swearing will improve the situation.  It doesn’t, but it makes the video that much more entertaining.

And we’ll finish by going back up to the pro level.  What’s that, like 4 penalties in one play?  A hold, crosscheck, slash, hit with the helmet.  Yup, FOUR.

(Top photo courtesy: Hung Tran Photography)