Friday Lacrosse Drop – Post Turkey Implosion

Springfield Alumni Game lacrosse thanksgiving
Springfield alumni getting busy! Is that Greggy Beast?

This might just be the weirdest Friday of the year.  Totally possible.  It’s the day after Thanksgiving, a lot of people are home, people be shopping, few (outside of retail) are working, and many are nursing serious turkey and pie hangovers.  So much like a turkey day plate piled high with goodness, our Lacrosse Drop is tasty and fulfilling.  Read most of it, take a nap and come back for seconds.  Maybe we’ll even do an update, or “second plate”, if you will.

Networkial Update

First off, we’ll let you know what’s going down on the rest of the network.  Lots good stuff you don’t want to miss.  We’ve got International Lacrosse, 12 Days of Laxmas and more college box NESCAC talk on LAS24Seven checks out the C-12 carbon fiber shaft (which I love), talks some old man lax theory, and pumps the grab bags, which are awesome!  412 has more American Revolution news than we know what to do with, LI videos, and a little Thanksgiving thinking.    Want to know WHAT TO WATCH?  Well Drofdarb has you covered.  Legit list!  Colorado College blogging with IDLaxReporter.  Love the DIII love!  LacrosseIOWA has boxlax to report on.  Love that too!  MCLAFan features a ton of new content, but I’m loving the Oregon Fall Classic photo blog from the Vandals! Holidays and lax shorts over on SSL. Hey yo!  And don’t forget to keep up with Thailand Lacrosse!  Finally, if you’re the “big hit man” don’t forget to check out the ArtofLax‘s “the Enforcer“.


Sweet Sweet Lax mesh on a new STX Spoon

STX Stallion on an STX Alliance shaft with blue and yellow mesh dyed and waxed by East Coast Dyes.  More to come on this down the line!

STX Stallion East Coast Dyes waxed mesh dyed
Sweet, Sweet.


BEST DJ on the planet

DJ Reach.  Next Question.


More STX Gear for the LXM PRO on IL

Inside Lacrosse again got the newest LXM gear before anyone else did.  At least the STX stuff.  The first run was neon green. the second is pink and baby blue.  Makes me think charities are going to be involved more heavily in the next event.  But that’s total speculation on my part.  What I can say is that I like that the LXM is going for custom team padding.

But my question is, will the guys who are NOT sponsored by STX be able to get matching stuff made by their manufacturers, so it actually looks like a team thing, and not an STX thing?  I guess it’s up to each company, but if STX or the LXM didn’t give them the heads up on this… you get the point.  It says only select players will be wearing them, but I really hope this is a tour-wide move, and not just highlighting a couple of guys.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see!  Vegas is shaping up nicely it seems, and getting entire teams in matching gear would be a good step towards sustainable legitimacy and buy in from multiple major lacrosse brands.  I’m giving the LXM a long tail to develop, because much like the MLL, it will take time to hit its stride, but this is still an interesting thing to track when monitoring development.  Simply put, perception counts.


BEST Smart Blog On The Internet

Do you like a blog with some serious brain cells?  YOU DO?!?! Then we have the blog for you.  Irrational Geographic.  A simple must read for any brain.


Springfield Alumni Game

We love a good alumni game, and Thanksgiving is a great weekend to host it.  Props to Tom Slate of LaxEvofor getting back out there!

Springfield Alumni Game lacrosse thanksgiving

Springfield alumni getting busy! Is that Greggy Beast?

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