From The Ice To The Field


Sidney-Crosby-RI recently saw an article in the Boston Lacrosse Examiner about the cross over from hockey to lacrosse. Anyone not very familiar with either sport would probably say “why not?” – I mean, they both have Canadians, sticks, and some brutal contact, right?

Well, yes, but in fact there are many differences that don’t necessarily cross over, which the article does not really cover. For instance, most shots in hockey are essentially under-hand, while this is only one of several different shooting techniques in lacrosse.  There is clearly the difference of actually being able to skate well also.

Other than a few differences in technique and style, however, the two sports do have vastly similar conditioning regiments. This is highlighted well in the article, and one specific drill really caught my eye.  The obstacle course stick handling drills that the player did are something I never really did in my years off the field.  I think those would be really useful for around the house, as a way to practice agility and stick handling.  And clearly, it works for both sports.  I think its a no-brainer that the two sports would make excellent compliments to each other in the off season, that is, when you aren’t playing winter indoor lax!

Making the switch: how a youth hockey player made the successful switch to lacrosse
[Boston Lacrosse Examiner]