Gallery: True Box Lacrosse


We came across these box lacrosse photos from True Lacrosse and thought we’d share ’em for 3 reasons:

1) The kids in these photos have some definite style, especially for a bunch of groms!  From lime green to argyle, this is proof that kids from Chicago can certainly dress the part.

2) Our sources tell us that True Lacrosse is doing some AWESOME stuff for the sport. Judging from their Facebook page and website, we’ve gotta assume it’s true! GTG baby!

3) There are no longsticks on the field, they are using smaller goals and the goalies are playing like box goalies.


As long as you win face offs, I don't care how you do it.
Not a ton of hockey lids, but plenty of dangle.
Next step: hockey jerseys.
This happens in the NLL all the time... wait. Love it. Change the game.
Get. Brighter. Jerseys.
These are the new vertigo shorts. I want a dye like that.
Dunk it.
It's indoors!

See the full gallery and many more on the True Lacrosse Facebook page!


    • It’s really hard to get the mask in the US. The only one I have found in stock online costs $100 after shipping from Canada. I’m looking really hard for one too and trying to get a silver OTNY mask somehow.

      Also, someone get those kids the padded goalie shorts. Thats a big area to leave unprotected.

      • Sweet thanks man. I play out here in the San Jose Ca boxlax academy senior games. And I have noticed an influx of box helmets. Im just a little weary of the protection, but I figure if it is essentially a hockey helmet it must be pretty protective

        • I played in the West Coast Lax league in Huntington Beach and lost to a team
          from that league in the California Cup. Seems like you guys have a good
          thing going. I’m a little weary of the protection on helmets too, and I
          think it might be more that you get what you pay for. Just looking around,
          it seems like you can buy a brand new bucket for $45 or $145. I never played
          any hockey.

          By the way, Madlax is the store that sells the STX OTNY mask and Sportstop
          sometimes stocks Gait masks.