Garrett Thul – Busy Weekend: SC Top 10 & Fight


We are absolutely loving Garrett Thul right now. The man was a beast at Army, and when he played in the Salt Shakerz tourney a couple years back he was unstoppable. Now, he’s one of 30 guys vying for 23 spots on Team USA, and he’s ripping it up as a rookie in the National Lacrosse League.

If you haven’t seen this SportsCenter Top 10 goal by Thul, you need to!

This came in at #6 on SportsCenter’s Top 10. Not too shabby!

In the same game, Thul also fought someone. While he took some good shots, his initial punch was unreal. I am not sure how Koneczny stayed on his feet after that, but he came back hard. Tough guy stuff!

To learn more about Thul, check out our interview with Garrett on NLL Live! Garrett was an awesome guest, and gave some really interesting answers to our questions!

Hats off to Thul for making a run at Team USA, and tearing it up in the NLL in year 1!