Fireside Chat With Gavin Petracca, North Carolina


Gavin Petracca UNC lacrosse

We’re not done with our UNC check-in just yet! Last week we interviewed Sean Delaney, and this week Tar Heels attackman Gavin Petracca stops by to drop some bombs and give you real insight into the UNC men’s lax team.

But before we get to the interview, here’s a little look at what Petracca can do on the field:

LAS: Who are some of the UNC players we should watch out for this year?
Gavin Petracca: Michael Jarvis is gonna be one of the keys to our defense. I can see him shutting a lot of opposing attackmen down. Or as he puts it, “taking them to JARV-ISLAND.”

Describe your team’s pregame – what do you do to get ready for a big game?
Gavin Petracca: We meet as a team and have a pregame meal about 4 hrs prior to our game, then we have a little downtime in between that and meeting in the locker room, which is usually about 2 hrs before the game. I really like listening to music in the locker room before games and also have 1 pregame ritual of re-taping my stick before every game.

What team are you guys looking forward to playing the most this year? Why?
Gavin Petracca: We always look forward to playing in our confrence, but a team that I am excited to play is Princeton. I’ve never played them, and I think it will be a good matchup.

Gavin Petracca UNC lacrosse

Where’s your least favorite place to play a road game? Favorite?
Gavin Petracca: My least favorite place to play is Denver, they have a lot of really rowdy fans. My favorite place to play was last year at the Meadowlands.

When UNC travels for road games, what are the transportation and lodging like?
Gavin Petracca: We usually take a bus, but occasionally we fly. Hotels are pretty standard – we have 2 people to room.

How do you feel your conference levels up to the other NCAA conferences?
Gavin Petracca: I think the ACC is one of the best conferences every year, and this year I think our conference is going to be strong again.

Have you guys adjusted to the new heads? How do you think they will affect UNC’s game/the general play of lacrosse?
Gavin Petracca: I don’t think the new heads are going to change to game as much as some may think. Our team has coped with the heads pretty well and it hasn’t really changed the play of our team.

What are the team goals for 2010?
Gavin Petracca: Our team goals every year are to win an ACC and NCAA championship.

What did the team do differently this fall/winter to set the tone?
Gavin Petracca: Everyone worked real hard in the off-season, especially at their weaknesses.

Gavin Petracca UNC lacrosse

Is there a game or road trip you are most excited about this spring?
Gavin Petracca: I’m very excited to play in the new Meadowlands Stadium. It should be a really fun experience.

What is your favorite song right now?
Gavin Petracca: tik tok- Ke$ha

What kind of stick are you using? String job? Shaft?
Gavin Petracca: I use the Super Power. I string it real tight up top with 1 nylon and 2 V’s. I tape it like a quarter of the way up, then do x’s to about ¾ high. I use a Sci+Ti STX shaft.

Who’s your favorite professional laxer?
Gavin Petracca: John Gagliardi, ’cause he’s from my hometown.

Are you a fan of box lacrosse? Got a preference between field and box?
Gavin Petracca: I have never really played much box lacrosse, but I prefer field to box because it’s more open and faster paced.

Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to fill us in on 2010, Gavin. Best of luck this year!

This has been another Lax All Stars Fireside Chat. Stay tuned to the LAS Network for more interviews, and see our full list here.