Gear Review: A1 Shaft By Maverik Lacrosse

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Company: Maverik Lacrosse / Product: A1 ShaftPrice: $89.99

Appearance… +10.0

The Maverik A1 lacrosse shaft is not some graphically designed, over the top pizzazz fest like so many other shafts out there. Instead, it is sleek, simple, striking… and silver. For a guy who wants to look like he’s going to work out on the field, it’s a visual winner. I know this doesn’t work for everyone out there, but for me, the clean design is perfection, and right up my alley.

Grip… +8.0

The A1 is not the roughest, grippiest shaft on the market, but it’s also far from smooth. I personally like a very rough lacrosse shaft (and will tape my entire shaft if it is smooth coated), and the A1 almost meets my demands in this category. I still threw some tape on it, but needed less than I do with other similar products.

Maverik Lacrosse a1 shaft

As I’ve used the shaft more, some of the texture and grip has definitely smoothed out a bit, but that is just normal wear and tear. After all, I’ve had this thing for months now! The loss of texture bumps this category down a half point, but overall, the Maverik A1 lacrosse shaft gives you great grip.

Weight… +8.0

At 5.4 ounces, the A1 is light, light, LIGHT! It’s incredibly light… but is it TOO light? That is probably a question you’ll need to answer yourself, and it will totally depend on your game. For me, removing excess weight is a good thing. I love a good two-handed cradle, and my shots rely on quickness more than power. So for my game, this shaft is excellent.

If you’re a power shooter or a d-mid who likes to deliver crushing crosschecks, the lightness of the shaft might rub you the wrong way. But hey, you can’t please everyone all the time! Overall, the shaft is as light as air. If you like using a heavy head, you will certainly notice the change in stick balance.

Maverik A1 Lacrosse Shaft

Durability… +10.0

Like I said above, I have used this shaft for a couple of months now (playing, coaching, wall ball, etc), and it has seen zero dents, dings, or any sign of breakage. The only issue for me has been that the texture on the shaft tends to dissipate over time, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shaft where that wasn’t the case. Worst case scenario? Wrap some tape on it and get back out there. Bottom line is that the A1 can take a beating, and you can keep on battling.

Value… +10.0

At 89.99, the A1 lacrosse shaft is very competitively priced. I consider it to be a top of the line shaft from my experience with it, and I found 33 other lacrosse shafts in the same top of the line bracket that are priced above it. I only found a couple of other shafts priced in line with the A1 and very few below it. Considering this is a brand new product for 2013, the price point is great. It’s a high quality product that costs less than the vast majority of its peers and therefore gets a 2 out of 2 when it comes to value.

Overall… 9.2/10

I’m never easy with my product reviews. Even if a product is a game changer, price can drag the overall score way down. So it is rare that I give out a 9 or higher. That being said, Maverik’s A1 lacrosse shaft is truly deserving of this high score. It is extremely affordable, light, and elegantly styled. The shaft takes a good beating and shows no signs of letting up, all while performing very well on the field. If you’re looking for a new lacrosse shaft for 2013, the A1 by Maverik should suit you well!

Maverik A1 Sauce