Gear Review: Gonzo Mesh

Gonzo Mesh
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Company: Gonzo Lacrosse / Product: Preformed Rubberized Mesh / Price: $25.00

We got a nice little package at LAS HQ a few weeks back with 4 preformed Gonzo Mesh pieces (2 white, 2 glow-in-the-dark). Following is the description of mesh from Gonzo themselves.

“Gonzo Mesh is a special coated mesh covered in a secret recipe of ingredients that makes it superior to traditional soft or hard mesh pieces in every aspect. Traditional mesh pieces bag out and become inconsistent and unusable in the elements. Wax mesh pieces tend to lost their wax coating in a rapid fashion.

Gonzo Mesh is water PROOF! It does NOT bag out and comes preformed to fit any stick on the market. Easy to string, very consistent, adds ball control and a little extra grip on the ball.”

Gonzo mesh in an OG Brine Clutch
Gonzo mesh in an OG Brine Clutch

Stringing/Pockets… +7.5

Stringing Gonzo’s preformed mesh piece was very simple. It was nice to have a solid shaped pocket from the get go. I chose to throw it in an original Brine Clutch due to it’s plentiful sidewall holes and the fact that it’s one of my favorite heads. I found that simply setting the preformed mesh piece next to the unstrung head that I would enjoy the shape and placement of the pocket. I strung it to allow the preformed shape to remain and not mess with the way the ball was meant to sit in pocket.

Preformed with a nice channel
Preformed with a nice channel

Ball Control… +10.0

Since Mark Matthews endorses Gonzo, I was anticipating a decent amount of hold for those nasty Canadian toe drags. I was not disappointed at all when I got a ball in there and started messing around with it. The rubber coating helps grip the ball very well without increasing whip.

Durability… +7.5

After a couple of weeks of testing out Gonzo, I haven’t run into any durability issues yet. I chose to string my top string with crosslace to keep it extra tight. Obviously crosslace isn’t quite as thick or durable as sidewall. The diamonds seem to be solid and the rubber coating is holding up nicely. Other than some typical dirt, this stuff looks pretty clean.

This baby saw plenty of time with the wall.
This baby saw plenty of time with the wall.

Consistency… +10.0

Gonzo makes an extremely consistent product. Their rubber coating does an excellent job and water proofing the mesh. This video demonstrates just how well Gonzo fairs in water.

I spent several several wall ball sessions in the rain and the mesh kept up just the same. I noticed once while working on some stick tricks in the park, my shoes and socks were soaked from the wet grass but my pocket took on very little extra water. I’m definitely a fan of the rubber coating as opposed to the wax. A+ in my book when it come’s to consistency.

Value… +7.5

I believe Gonzo is on to something with their preformed rubber coated mesh. It takes almost no time to break in and performs extremely well. This being said, I understand that $25 for a piece of mesh is quite steep. However, I believe it’s reasonable from what I’ve seen from Gonzo so far.

Overall: 8.5/10

Gonzo makes a great product in their preformed rubberized mesh. With the likes of Kevin Crowley and Mark Matthews endorsing this stuff, you know it’s a quality product. As for the glow-in-the-dark mesh, I did my best to get it under a bright light and then check it out in complete darkness, but the glow factor was more of a candle in the wind rather than a lighthouse. I myself have enjoyed using it and would suggest getting your hands on some Gonzo Mesh and see how impressive it is first hand.


  1. i think you meant to put a “-” in front of 1.5 for value. $25 is an exorbitant price for mesh, especially for a company that doesn’t care to proofread their item description. I’ll gladly take 5 slices of jima semihard white rather than fall victim to this cash grab