Gear Review: Highlight Cleats by Under Armour

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Company: Under Armour / Product: Highlight Cleats / Price: **$130 

**Editor’s Note: As Connor mentions in the video, the price WILL go down, and it has done just that. Available for $110 at, still pricey, but $20 less is a great start.

Under Armour’s Highlight Cleat has been popping up on lacrosse fields across the country this year, and some big time college programs (like Maryland and Loyola) have a number of players wearing these high top/low top hybrids.

The design is eye-catching and aggressive, and there is a method to the madness with the high top spat. Check out Connor’s thoughts on a great new piece of athletic footwear from Under Armour. It’s blue, it’s different, it’s the UA Highlight Cleat!


  1. I disagree with the above comment. These cleats have some of the best support I have ever had without the assistance of a bulky and heavy brace. You need to make sure you take your time and unlace the cleats down to the top of the foot and then really lace them properly back up. They are extremely lightweight and have good traction.

    The downfall is the cleat itself is rather soft; walking on cement at all or rocks will most certainly deteriorate the cleat fast.