Gear Review: Lax Splat Mesh

Lax Splat wax mesh color fade

Note from the Editor: Billy Nguyen met Beau Largent while he was in California this summer. Beau helped out with Rose School of Stringing workshops in the past. He recently sent us a package of navy, red, and two chalkboard green (Billy’s favorite color) fade mesh pieces. Billy kept a green piece and gave the rest out to some local HS players that he coaches in the NYC area. Here is a review of Lax Splat mesh from Xavier freshman, Kevin O’ Donnell.

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CompanyLax SplatProduct: Wax Mesh / Price: $15

Stringing: +9

Lax Splat wax mesh color fade

Lax Splat mesh strings up very well. It easily stretches and stays stretched out, making it easier to string it up. Also, Lax Splat mesh holds a very defined pocket, being that it is slightly harder than other wax mesh. One problem that you have with normal wax mesh is flaking. One of the best things about Lax Splat mesh is that you experience very little flaking while stringing up, and playing with it.

Ball Control: +7

Lax Splat wax mesh color fade

When you first pick up Lax Splat mesh, you will find it is fairly different from other wax meshes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Lax Splat mesh is not coated as much as some wax mesh that is available, and it is harder than most. Even though Lax Splat mesh doesn’t have as much of a wax coating it still gives you the normal abenefits of wax mesh, hold. Lax Splat mesh grips the ball very well, and you can get a good feel on where the ball is in your stick at all times.

Durability: +9


Lax Splat mesh is very durable. It has been through many practices in the snow and in rainy conditions, and it has lived up to its purpose. It has not bagged out when experiencing water. It can be counted on to stay consistent while your regular mesh would not. Also as I mentioned before, this mesh is on the harder side of wax mesh, making it more durable. I holds it’s pocket better, and stay consistent.

Consistency: +9

Lax Splat wax mesh color fade

Lax Splat mesh is also very consistent. Lax Splat holds a pocket very well. It gives you constant release over and over. Some wax mesh’s grip the ball too much, but Lax Splat mesh has a very smooth release. Lax Splat mesh can be counted on to throw accurate passes when you need it to.

Value: +6

Lax Splat wax mesh color fade

Priced at $15 for a regular piece of white 15mm mesh, Lax Splat is on the more expensive side of smaller businesses. Even though Lax Splat mesh is a great piece of mesh, it isn’t quite up to East Coast Mesh and Throne’s wax standards. For $15 you might be better off going with a higher quality piece of mesh, but Lax Splat will certainly get the job done well if you’re using it.

Overall: +8/10

While Lax Splat is very durable, and strings up very easily. If you are a fan of softer wax meshes, then it would be best for you to stick to them. Lax Splat is great for people who like hard or semi-hard mesh, but need water proof capabilities. It acts like semi-hard mesh but it is waterproof, and adds more grip on the ball.