Gear Review: LoPro Superlight Mid Shoulder Pads by Brine Lacrosse

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Company: Brine Lacrosse / Product: LoPro Superlight Mid Shoulder PadsPrice: $74.99

As lacrosse equipment continues to evolve, companies are hitting the drawing rooms hard to bring players gear that performs as well as it looks.  Brine’s new LoPro Superlight Mid Shoulder Pads are no exception to the rule, bringing players a pad that represents the total package.  One look at these things and you can tell Brine designed them with an all star player in mind, and I couldn’t wait to hit the field to give them a test run.

Ready to rip.

Appearance… +10.0

Brine has 2 versions of the LoPro Superlight pad, the LoPro Superlight and the LoPro Superlight Mid.  I got to test out the Superlight Mid and personally, I would pick them over the standard Superlight any day.  The Superlight Mid cuts out the added bulky shoulder cups and gives you a sleek look while keep you safe and sound.  The grey, black and yellow look pops and the waffle pattern provides players the ultimate in flexibility while keeping the pad looking mean.  I love how Brine tied the black and grey checker pattern into the waffle pattern of the pad and the King logo is one of lacrosse’s best.

All padded up.

Comfort… +7.5

Like most pads, the Brine LoPro Superlight Mid comes with the added shoulder straps.  Like most players, I hate the extra shoulder straps.  I enjoyed being able to take the small shoulder pads off the body of the pad and when you do, the LoPro Superlight Mid is close to as comfortable as a shoulder pad can get.  One thing I noticed right away is that the pad is fairly small.  It almost felt tight when I put it on.  Typically I like my shoulder pads to fit loosely, but as I played around in the LoPro Superlight Mid, I could begin to feel that the tight fitting pad actually supported the flexibility that was designed into the waffle pattern which allows the pad to flex and move with your body.  The pads reminded me of a pair of Nike Free Run shoes and the more I played in them the more I forgot I was wearing shoulder pads.

Full coverage, completely flexibility.

Protection… +7.5

As I mentioned, Brine offers two versions of the LoPro Superlight.  If you are a player that loves as much protection as you can get, I would pick up the standard LoPro Superlight shoulder pads.  If you like a pad that offers a bit more flexibility at the cost of a little less padding, then the LoPro Superlight Mid is for you.  The pads protect you where you need it most, including a beefed up sternum pad, while allowing you to stay fast and light as you dodge through defenders.  One thing I really liked about the LoPro Superlight Mid is the width in the back.  As an offensive player, I tend to get pushed around a bit and end up with bumps and bruises all over my back.  The LoPro Superlight Mid gives you quite a bit of coverage without feeling like you’re wearing a box.

Ready for whatever you throw at, or with them.

Durability… +10.0

As someone who has been playing in the same pair of Brine shoulder pads since high school, I can attest to Brine’s ability to design pads that last a lifetime.  I strongly believe these pads may be some of the most durable pads on the market due to their simplicity.  While most companies strap clunky plastic cups or vents or some other funky “new technology” all over their pads, Brine took a step back and said, “what do we really need in a shoulder pad.”  The LoPro Superlight Mid is a single piece of padding with few, if any, areas that seem weak or breakable.  This pad feels like it will keep going and going no matter where you play on the field.

If you thought the Rabil liner was cool, you’ll love the Brine LoPro liner.

Value… +10.0

As lacrosse gets more and more expensive, the Brine LoPro Superlight Mid brings you an exceptional piece of protective gear at a price most players can afford.  At $74.99, the LoPro Superlight Mid is half the price of the Rabil shoulder pads and weighs in as a mid to low range pad on the price scale.

Overall Score: 8.8/10

If you are in need of some new shoulder pads it would be hard to pass on the Brine LoPro Superlight Mid.  With an excessive amount of flexibility, solid protection, and a price tag that won’t turn you away, the Brine LoPro Superlight Mid Shoulder Pads are sure to make their way onto the lacrosse field this season.