Gear Review: M4 Head by Gait Lacrosse

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Company: Gait Lacrosse / Product: M4 / Price: $50-75

I’ve used Gait heads on and off for years now, and I was a big fan of the Triton and Torque heads when they came out. Does the M4 deliver like those heads did? There is only one way to find out! When I was up in Syracuse a while back, Randy Fraser, of Gait Lacrosse, hooked me up with an M4 lacrosse head, so I could give it a whirl. The aggressive design and look of the head caught my eye right away, and the M4 definitely qualified as a light weight head, so I was excited to check it out, and put it through the ringer of stringing and abuse.

Overall, the head performed extremely well, and once I got past the new fangled look of the product, I started to see some of the improvements that Gait Lacrosse is making. Watch the video for a full analysis of the Gait M4 Lacrosse Head.


  1. Great review, I like the new video format.  I think it gives the review a better media to explain how they came to their decision, while also allowing the view to see the head in detail.

    The only thoughts I have is specifically highlighting who you would recommend this head for, down to the position, skill level, style of play.  I’d also consider keeping the value rating, but moving it to be independent of the other features, so you have an overall performance rating and then a value rating along side it.  My reasoning being that value should take into account not only the price point, but also the overall performance and features of the head.

    Again, great review!

    • He does say in his review that he takes all the aspects of the head, compares it to the price, and that’s the value of it. 

      For the record, that is how we judge the value of any given piece of equipment. We take the overall performance and features of the head, add in the price and decide on a score based off those requirements. 

      • I understand, I was just suggesting that you have two ratings one strictly for the performance and features of the head, and then a rating for the value.  So you could have a head rated on a 10 point scale (I guess you’d have to add a category to replace the value) for the overall performance, and then say a 5 point scale for overall value.

        Just a suggestion.  That said, I think the rating system currently used is very good and clear to understand.