Gear Review: NEW Proton Power by STX Lacrosse

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Company: STX Lacrosse Product: Proton Power / Price: $89.99

A couple weeks back, Andrew Ratzke reviewed the classic Proton Power, and had the usual issues with the stick (a tad flimsy, and tough to string), so as soon as I got my hands on a NEW Proton Power by STX, I had to see if any improvements had been made. Is the head tougher? Is it easier to string? If the answer to those two questions is yes, the Proton Power will take a big step up in the ratings department. Let’s get into it!

Appearance… +7.5

The newer version of the PP doesn’t look all that different from the original, and therefore it’s rating remains constant. It’s got the same sidewall, the same face shape, the same scoop, and similar logo work and placement. If you thought the last PP was a beauty, you’ll think the same now. So where is all this “difference”? Just wait for it…

Stringing… +7.5

The old PP got a 2.5 mark for stringing, and it was obvious why. The sidewall holes were limited, weirdly spaced, and limiting in what the average stringer could do. The NEW PP has a ton of sidewall holes, and has taken a huge step up, and in the right direction. The stick is a dream to string with mesh now, and the additional holes are the reason why.



This new head gets a full point higher than the older version for this reason, but does not go to a full 10/10 because there are still only two holes for traditional leathers at the bottom. I found a way to make it work, but four bottom holes would be nice, and get the Stringability factor up even higher.


Stiffness… +7.5

STX took their C-Channel technology and added it on to the Proton Power. It is still a very flexible head, but I find that it retains its shape better now, bounces back to form longer, and doesn’t pinch up as easily. I have used the head for face offs, and even let Greg Gurenlian demo face offs with it on video. He put a ton of strain on the stick and it bounced back nicely. It’s a definite step up, and an improved product offering in this department.

Durability… +10.0

The Proton Power can still take a good beating, and although it flexes a good deal, it also lasts. You will see less head deformity on this version, and a good product has only gotten better in this regard.

Value… +7.5

At just around $90, the new Proton Power is on the more expensive end of unstrung heads. It is clearly a good product, with a strong following, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. The Proton Power is ideal for offensive players looking a light weight head that has a bit of flex, but can take a good kicking around. I have definitely enjoyed using the head, and found it easy to string a mesh pocket in there. Traditional was a bit of a bigger challenge, but is doable. I can see how $90 is a fair price for this new version of the stick, but it’s not a great deal (brand new gear rarely is!), so I had to knock of 2.5 points.


Overall… 7.6/10

The Proton Power is a solid product, and has been for years. The NEW version is a definite upgrade from what STX used to offer, and I firmly believe PP diehards will remain loyal. I never really liked the Proton Power all that much because of the sidewall holes, warping, and lack of traditional bottom holes, but after using one almost all Fall, I’m definitely coming around and I finally see what all the fuss is about!

If you’re a PP guy, head on over to to grab one for yourself. I know you’ll like it!