Gear Review: Saber Head by Gait Lacrosse

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Company: Gait Lacrosse / Product: Saber HeadPrice: $39.99

I haven’t used a Gait head since my first ever beginner lacrosse stick, but with the great success of the Torque, I know that Gait has the potential to make a good lacrosse head. While I initially was skeptical at first as this head has a unique look to it, I was generally impressed when I tested it out.

Appearance… +5.0

Like I said, my initial impression was solely based on the appearance because of the Saber’s odd design. The sidewall is much thicker on the bottom half of the head and the scoop is long with a patterned design. It may not look as crisp and smooth as some other heads, but I think Gait was more concerned with how this head performs than how it looks, which is a refreshing idea in today’s lacrosse world.

Saber Head by Gait Lacrosse
Some nice white mesh for the Gait Saber.

Stringing… +7.5

I had one of my teammates string this up to get his opinion on the head. He said it was easy to string with plenty of sidewall holes and that he liked how wide the holes themselves were. It seems like you could string this pocket a lot of different ways in order to customize it to your game.

Saber Head by Gait Lacrosse
Wide sidewall holes make it easier to string.

Stiffness… +10.0

This head is very stiff. The thick sidewalls and long throat make it bite hard on checks. I can imagine defensemen using this head to cause mayhem due to its stiffness.

Saber Head by Gait Lacrosse

Durability… +7.5

I can’t imagine durability being an issue with this head. It is so stiff with such thick sidewalls and the long throat – I just don’t see it breaking anytime soon. The only reason the Saber isn’t getting full points in this category is that the screw hole does not line up with the shaft hole, even on the Gait shafts I have. I tried it with other company shafts as well, and still no luck. Obviously, drilling a new hole isn’t the end of the world, but if you didn’t, this could cause a durability issue as the head could break at the throat more easily.

Saber Head by Gait Lacrosse
Definitely an issue that the holes don’t line up.

Value… +10.0

I found this head for $39.99. Forty bucks and it’s yours. While it’s not a perfect head, it sure does the job well. Defensemen, hurry before they run out of stock!


While Gait didn’t produce another Torque with this head, the Saber is probably one of the best defensive heads on the market. The low price tag is a plus, and it’s wide enough for young players yet strong enough for elite defensemen.

Saber Head by Gait Lacrosse
A bright choice for defensemen.