Gear Review: Surgeon Head by STX Lacrosse

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Company: STXProduct: Surgeon HeadPrice: $94.99

For those of you who have been wondering how on Earth you’re going to string a stick that meets the new college rules AND gives you great hold… stop worrying, STX has a head for you.  The new Surgeon head features STX’s All Climate Performance (ACP) which helps maintain shape regardless of the climate.  With the pocket/hold capabilities that the Surgeon offers, I’m sure we’ll start to see players from all over the U.S. put the ACP to the test.

So what makes this thing so special?

Appearance… +7.5

Over the last few weeks we have seen big name lacrosse companies drop some pretty impressive new head designs, and the STX Surgeon stacks up with the best.  The Surgeon features an extended throat that gives players extra hold while creating a head that looks like it was designed for elite levels of play.  The sidewall is clean with two simple lines that make the head stiff without causing it to suffer from too much plastic.

STX designed the Surgeon with their patented Forward Cant technology that gives the head a nice curved, flow while contributing to an enhanced feel of the ball.  This thing was designed for ball handlers and its got enough swag to keep up with the handles any offensive player can throw with it.

Clean lines and added strength.

I love the red, and true to STX fashion, the Surgeon comes in a wide range of stock colors.

Stringing… +7.5

When it comes to stringing, for me personally, the more sidewall holes the better.  The Surgeon seems to be a step up for stringers in comparison with other STX heads that tend to have minimal holes, but I wish they would have added just a few more.

That being said, the Surgeon’s sidewall holes were designed with the company’s Forward Cant technology in mind.  The holes are spaced perfectly for a solid mid to low pocket which, paired with the head’s extended throat, makes for a pocket that will meet the new college rules while frustrating any defender that tries to strip the ball.

One feature I really appreciated when stringing the Surgeon up was the roomy upper sidewall holes.  The larger holes allow you to fit all of your top/sidewall strings where other heads force you to get a little creative.

There’s definitely room for more holes but STX may have had a specific pocket in mind.  2 or 3 more sidewall holes and this thing gets a 2 for stringing!

Stiffness… +10.0

Everyone knows a good surgeon needs steady hands.  Shaky, wobbly hands would be a disaster.  STX designed their Surgeon with that in mind, beefing it up from top to bottom. The Surgeon’s pointed scoop stays stiff on all surfaces making ground balls a breeze.  The added stiffness in the scoop keeps shots consistent while providing quicker, more accurate releases on your passes.

The surgeon’s extended throat is supported with a sidewall that was designed with a head’s weak points in mind.  The unique sidewall design places a support bar at both points on the head where you are most likely to have bend or flexibility.  And the best part is… they did all of this without weighing down the head with unnecessary plastic.  STX found the perfect combination of good looks and good strength.

Durability… +10.0

After playing with this thing on grass and in the indoor arena it’s clear that it can take a beating.  The combination of added stiffness and STX’s ACP make this thing a force to be reckoned with where ever you play.  Now if only STX could create a mesh that features ACP PNW laxers like myself would be in heaven.

Forward Cant, ACP, and a sidewall design that was built like a bridge make this thing a head so many players will want to get their hands on.

Value… +5.0

These days gear keeps getting more and more expensive.  No doubt, companies are making some really impressive products, and the Surgeon is definitely one of the nicest heads I have ever played with, but at $94.99 this head is a bit too much for my liking.

Maybe I’m just being bitter about the sidewall holes, but I have never bought a head for this much and despite all of it’s pros, I don’t know if I could convince myself the price tag is worth it.

Overall… +7.8/10

The Surgeon is a pretty looking head and it’s handles are impressive.  The head was definitely designed with elite players in mind and the price tag reflects that.  I think the head’s design is big STX as we move into the college season and a new set of stringing rules and I’m sure I won’t be surprised to see many of these lighting up college fields all across the country.

If you’re an offensive minded player looking for that extra edge this season and can get past the price tag this head is for you.

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