Gear Review: Wonderboy Shaft by Maverik Lacrosse

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Company: Maverik Lacrosse / Product: Wonderboy Shaft / Price: $84.99

The Wonderboy is a shaft that’s been around for a few years, and with staying power like that you would expect it to be a great shaft. I’ve never used one before, but in full discretion, I do own three different Maverik shafts, all of which have the same shape as the Wonderboy. With that said, I LOVE this shape for lacrosse shafts, and really go out of my way to buy shafts that have this octagonal, “T” shape. My review then might be a little biased, but gear selection is all about preference anyway. So how does the newest edition of the Wonderboy stack up?

Appearance… +10.0

Normally I’m not a red guy, but to this shaft actually has a really nice color to it. Besides red, the 2013-2014 Wonderboy also comes in six other colorways. Another aspect of this shaft that I really like is its graphics. Each side says “Maverik” and “Wonderboy.” with one or the other filled in with color or simply outlined. The outlined part is very subtle but shines in the sun, and I think overall this is a great way to add design to a shaft without going overboard or being gimmicky.

WonderBoy Colors
Plenty of colors for this shaft! (Images borrowed from

Grip… +10.0

As I said at the beginning of this review, I love the shape of this lacrosse shaft. Perhaps some would like a more rounded shape better, but for me it doesn’t get any better than this. I think the deep grooves really allow you to feel the stick and get a good grip. In addition, the graphics that I mentioned above not only are a strong design element, but also provide added grip.

Wall ball, wall ball, wall ball. No filter, but looks like it, huh?

Weight… +8

This shaft is fairly light. It doesn’t stand out to be as being the lightest shaft to ever be created, but I didn’t ever worry about it weighing me down at all. Not having to worry about something extra like weight allows a player to focus on his game.

Durability… +8

I took some serious checks with this stick, many of which were self-inflected as part of the testing (see the photo below!). This shaft did not dent at all, though it did have a couple good scratches. The graphic also chipped off fairly easily, at least when it came to the words that were filled in. All things considered, though, I think the Wonderboy can stand up to wear and tear well.

wonderboy test
Tomahawk Check Test: Passed.

Value… +10.0

This is by far my favorite lacrosse shaft that I’ve reviewed, and it might be my second favorite stick ever. I’d gladly pay $85 for one if I was in need of a new stick.

Overall… 9.2/10

The Wonderboy has everything I’m looking for in a lacrosse shaft. It’s fairly light, stands up to checks, has my preferred shape, plus a little bit of extra grip and graphics that aren’t over the top. There is a reason that the Wonderboy has been around so long, and it’s because Maverik has a winner.

wonderboy laxallstars
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Kevin Rowen
Kevin grew up in Irvine, CA where he started playing lacrosse in the 6th grade. He played for multiple teams in the Adrenaline Starz organization back in the days before Adrenaline was an official sponsor, and played four years for the Northwood High School Timberwolves. Now, Kevin attends UCLA and plays attack for the Bruins.