Get Excited For This Video… It’s Here!


Stylin Strings made a trip to visit Alfie Jacques, up on the Onondaga lands, and their first video documenting the trip is slated to drop on the lacrosse world on Sunday, September 1st. This first video will cover Jacques’ motives for making wooden sticks, as well as the meaning of his art.

This video is sure to impress, and educate, you. It will help pass along knowledge to a new generation of lacrosse players, and should demonstrate how we all have a larger responsibility to the Creator’s Game.

Make sure you check out the Stylin Strings YouTube Channel here:, and prepare yourself for what promises to be an amazing Sunday video!


  1. I’ve seen one of his sticks in person and they beautiful. Love this video, I hope a lot of people watch it. One of the greatest things my son has gotten from playing for Newtown, Cody is the only non Native American on his team, is true respect for the game, how much the games mean to the community, and to use what the creator gave you.